EVIL DEAD (1981)

Hi everybody. Welcome to Dead By Dawn, the ash vs evil dead podcast where we are about to start yappening about what happened in 1981’s Evil Dead.

Adam and Chase sit down with special guest Jason Brennan right before the beginning of the Superbowl. We go in detail about the production and interesting distribution of this unrated low budget classic horror film.

We talk about the first appearance of Ashley Williams who has yet to get into the Ash persona, the innovative camera techniques and how they achieved it DIY and how the infamous forest attack scene was the one thing Sam Raimi says he would take back if he could. 

Other topics discussed:

Why would Professor Knowby have a The Hills Have Eyes poster?

The assistant editor of the film is none other than Joel Coen who would later go on to write with Raimi on Crimewave.

The MPAA was going to make it NC-17 so they released in unrated. 

How irresponsible they were on the film by using real shotgun bullets.

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