Ash Vs. Evil Dead Episode 4 - "Brujo"


The Films Against Humanity Crew pop some Ayahuasca and talk about the trippiest episode of Ash Vs. Evil Dead so far.

We talk about the vast amount of Ash one liners, the beautiful scenery which looks more like Hobbiton than Michigan, Ash's safe space Jacksonville, Florida, Eli the talking lizard and much much more.

Favorite Ashism:

"Shoot first. Think Never." - Chris

"When evil shows up. It blows up." - Adam

"Sweet Shithouse Mouse" - Kindell

"They either end up dead or in my bed." and "I got two hands Brujo. I need two Beers!" - Chase

Best Kill:

Bookstore owner decapitation and head smash - Chase

The unlucky motorist that hit the cloud of evil - Chris, Adam, Kindell

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