Ash Vs. Evil Dead Episode 3 - "Books From Beyond"

 Should we change our podcast name to the Ghost Beaters?

This episode was directed again by Michael J Bassett and written by a different Workaholics writer Sean Clements. Sean Clements has also been working on The Grinder which is one of my favorite new comedies this year and is also known from the Hollywood Handbook podcast.

This episode deals more with the mythology. It’s first time we deal with more of a demon then a Deadite and I have to say the demon design using the shaky cam with the practical creature effect was amazing.


             How Badass is the design of Eligos?

             How Badass is the design of Eligos?

Evil Dead Recommendation:

The demon Eligos is played by Ben Fransham who killed it earlier in one of my favorite films of the year What we do in the shadows. He played Petyr who’s basically Nosferatu.

Favorite Ashism:

"At Heart, I'm an Alone Wolf" - Chase

"Pablo, You smooth brown Einstein" - Chris

"Maybe if we have time after we can get some Churros." - Adam

Best Kill:

Not too many options this week but we each found a different one.

Dagger liquefying Kelly's Dad's Face - Chase

Eligos gets smacked with a book - Chris

Lionel gets glass in the face - Adam

We also talk about Bruce Campbell's AMA this week and the flaw with the whole Reddit AMA structure.  Bruce also compared the show to The Walking Dead during the AMA and we talk about the comparison's with Adam who actually worked on The Walking Dead. 

Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless were on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week and it's the first time I realized how closely Bruce Campbell and Stephen Colbert resemble each other.

This is also the first episode to receive mixed reviews and while it's probably our least favorite of the three it is still a really solid episode that is elevated with the amazing demon effects and solid performance as always by Ray Santiago.