Ash Vs. Evil Dead Episode 2 - "Bait"

We talk episode 2 of the Starz show Ash Vs Evil Dead "Bait". Could they keep the momentum from the pilot episode especially now without Sam Raimi in the director's chair. The short answer yes. 

We try out a couple of new segments including favorite Ashism, best Deadite/death and talk about Bruce Campbell as Reagan in the new Fargo episode. 
Favorite Ashism in the episode:
"Good cause I was starting to feel like a real dick" - Chase
"It's not my first Rodeo" - Chris
"Sometimes the Whale needs his bait fish to remind him where he is in the ocean. Or Something like that." - Adam
Best Death Scene in the episode:
Fork in eye. Goodnight Dad. - Chase
Mimi Rogers Decapitation as she's laughing. - Adam
Bottle to the throat to Mr. Roper - Chris

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